Wakefield’s Daisy Dorothy has released her debut two-track EP

Wakefield songwriter Daisy Dorothy introduces listeners to her gentle, lullaby-esque sound with her debut two-track EP:  ‘Bloom’, and ‘Alicanto’. 

Daisy’s voice paints floating dandelions and whispering winds across a timeless landscape, while simultaneously telling a story of timid hearts. It’s a refuge for the broken and a peaceful moment for the joyful. Daisy invites the listener to “be the waves and [she’ll] sway you like the sea.” ‘Alicanto’ feels like an extension of ‘Bloom’, with similar themes of an expression of the heart being hidden within a lovesong to nature. Daisy’s sound is familiar, poetic and tranquil.

Daisy Dorothy is a graduate of Long Division’s #YoungTeam education programme. Long Division is a multi-venue music festival in Wakefield that showcases indie bands and upcoming local artists. Both the festival and its Young Team programme have an emphasis on ‘DIY culture’, which promotes independent artists such as Daisy Dorothy.

Through the programme, Daisy was mentored by industry professionals to elevate her own ability and has since gone on to play at festivals and gigs around Yorkshire. Support from the community and working closely producers Rob Slater and Jamie Lockhart down at Greenmount Studios have now made it possible for Daisy’s first work to be released on a major streaming platform.

Daisy Dorothy on ‘Bloom’: 

“It was great to finally record in a proper studio and not just on an app on my phone. I’d love to go back there at some point to record at Greenmount because their input on the tracks was honestly invaluable. The tracks sound better than I could’ve imagined! Long Division have given me direction, guidance  and anything else I’ve needed from them and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities they’ve given me!”

Dean Freeman, Long Division Director: 

“We’re really pleased that, with this commission, we’re able to support a brand new musician in a really practical way. We first got to know Daisy through our #YoungTeam education programme which on the surface is about getting an Arts Award Qualification, but really is intended to get young people excited about culture and Wakefield, and thinking what they can do themselves. Daisy has run with that big time and has now produced a brilliant record which we’re all really proud of. Art, music and creation is an end in itself and new artists are the purest form of that idea. Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!”

You can listen to Daisy Dorothy’s new EP ‘Bloom’ on Spotify here.

Photography by Maddie Armstrong, supported by Mark Wheelwright, for Leeds Living.

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