Pinot and Picasso’s Paint and Sip Has Arrived in Leeds

Gemma Bridge tries out a ‘Rose Getaway’ session just a week after Pinot & Picasso opened its doors in Leeds’ Central Arcade.

Whilst I had heard about paint and sip classes, I had never been to one – always a bit wary with the thought of mixing alcohol, paint and instructions. But, when I was invited to try out the newest class on the block by Leeds Living, I thought it was a great opportunity to settle the doubt.

I booked the three-hour Rose Getaway session at Pinot and Picasso on Saturday night (7-10 pm), just 1 week after the space had opened its doors. I happily acknowledged that lovely smell of newly painted walls.

Making a start

The class was marketed as the ‘perfect session for those who appreciate a good bottle of wine, an easy and
enjoyable painting and having a great time with your friends’, which sounded great, especially as I was able to take a friend with me for the experience.

On arrival at Pinot and Picasso, which is located just inside the Central Arcade, just off Briggate, we were offered drinks from the small but well-stocked bar, and then went to choose an apron. Whilst I was expecting there to be a room full of keen painters, there were just 6 people there for our class, which was nice, and it made the
experience feel intimate and relaxed.

Artists at work

Although we were slightly apprehensive about recreating the artwork that was hung up on the wall, Pinot and Picasso say that the classes are ‘all about connecting people with a shared interest of expressing themselves through creativity’, which sounded lovely, and just what my friend and I needed after a busy week.

With the session itself lasted 3 hours, I was dubious as to whether firstly I could sit still for that long, then whether I would be kept entertained, and also whether we would all manage to finish our paintings. Thankfully, I was proven wrong on all three counts.

Two of the finished msterpieces

Within minutes of sitting down at our easels, with our paints already laid out in front of us, we were led through the artwork by a talented local artist. We made our way through the piece one section at a time, mixing paints and colours
as we went, to try and recreate the pretty sunset composition that had been created for the class. Whilst we painted, we all enjoyed listening to (and in some cases singing along with) the curated playlist, which was packed full of bangers and clangers from across the last 30 years.

As the class drew to a close, just before 10 pm, we all came together to take a photo and celebrate our works. Whilst we were not all 100% happy with the pieces we had created, we all agreed that it had been a fun evening, and a great opportunity to unwind, and spend time with friends.

The ticket to attend the class was £39, which includes all art materials, hire of an apron, and an artist to guide the group through the piece. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a range of snacks were available to purchase from the bar, but you are also encouraged to bring your own snacks (which we decided to do and had chocolate to munch on as we painted).

Whilst I struggled to follow all the instructions and felt a bit constrained by the step-by-step guidance, the experience was nonetheless fun, novel, and backed by a great music mix. The artist/ instructor was also super friendly and helpful and gave us all special feedback as we progressed. There are loads of classes to choose from, and with bespoke classes on offer, Pinot and Picasso has something for everyone.

Editor’s Note: I’m so impressed with the choices – just some of these are Neon Nights: Van Glow (get it?), Student Night Special, Happy Hour, Birthday Party, Paint Your Pet (no need for animal rights concerns here) and Cafe Culture.

Front of premises

Pinot and Picasso has studios across the UK, in Brighton, London (Shoreditch), Liverpool. Leeds is their latest location in what must surely be just one of more studios to come across the country.

Pinot and Picasso also offer an ‘at home’ (or other venue) painting experience, which could be a great
party option for those wanting something more bespoke.

Find out more about what’s on offer here.

Photography by Gemma Bridge. Main image: Studio interior.

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