Fazerdaze – at Headrow House on 10 November

The gig featuring Fazerdaze and Al Costelloe at Leeds’ Headrow House was truly an event that evoked such a deep appreciation in me for the power of music.

The evening was filled with a lighthearted buzz as gig-goers mingled and sipped drinks (getting those cheap-as-chips but stunning drinks provided at Headrow House) eagerly awaiting the performances.

On top of this, there also was the outside smoking area for those who needed it or some air, which was also filled with beautiful red-pink lights to keep the vibey atmosphere for the attendees.

As the clock struck 8, the venue was filled with excitement, the stage emanating a blue light hue that complimented a mesh white backdrop. The audience members gathered by the stage set whilst the one and only Al Costelloe, a seasoned London-born musician and songwriter, graced the stage. With her electric guitar and vocals that could, without a doubt, melt anyone (!!), she cast a soulful aura, drawing the audience into her world of music.

The crowd was treated to tasty beloved tracks like ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Badmouth,’ eliciting a synchronised trance and earning applause through every song. Her performance was truly beautiful, raw, and felt very personal; she did not have a problem wowing us all.

The intermission saw concert-goers socialising and sharing their excitement for Fazerdaze’s upcoming performance; topping up their drinks, having a quick smoke and getting back to their areas. I met these two guys who were so chuffed about seeing Fazerdaze, talking about how they travelled from good ol’ Sheffield and were excited to watch her perform. The lights then dimmed and all expectant eyes were on the stage!

As Fazerdaze appeared, the atmosphere shifted to one of intimacy and soulful connection. Armed with her acoustic guitar and a captivating presence, she effortlessly charmed the crowd. Her performance created an intimate setting where the audience swayed to the beat, and engaged in playful banter with the artist. There was a moment where the crowds jokingly competed on who travelled further to see the artist (earning a laugh from the artist on stage).

The singer went through her set with a dimmed light to begin with, alongside a purple-blue hue that radiated against the white mesh backdrop, playing songs such as ‘Bigger’, the audience singing along.

The crowd revelled in the experience of being part of a gorgeous night of live music, with the energy and emotions shared by all. The music transcended individual differences, uniting everyone in a shared moment. As the evening drew to a close, the atmosphere was charged with the energy of the experience combined with high spirits!

As the final notes faded into the night, fans lingered around the event space (me included). There was a merchandise table at the side of the space, at which crowds had started to queue. I made my buys – also available on their socials and websites. I got a tote and a cheeky cap. Let’s twin!

The music gig of Fazerdaze and Al Costelloe at Leeds’ Headrow House was more than a concert – it was a raw experience that helped to join individuals through a language we all understand and just share the moments! The captivating performances, the sense of community and the lingering emotions all contributed to making this a beautiful evening.

Photograph by Joey Clough. More images to follow.

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