North Studio Leeds – a gym with a touch of class

North Studio is a ‘boutique wellness space’ in Roundhay, North Leeds. The studio offers a range of group classes and sessions for people of all abilities.

I headed over to North Studio bright and early on Wednesday morning to take part in a 7am Run and Build workout, a combination of two of the studio’s most popular classes.

On arrival, I locked my bike up conveniently right outside and headed in. I was greeted by two of the instructors and was given a quick tour of the space. I was impressed by the quality of the design and the amenities on offer. The workout spaces at North Studio have been created specifically for the classes that they host.

I was shown the Pilates/ barre/ yoga studio, which was in a dedicated quiet building all of its own to ensure that the classes could be as tranquil and relaxing as possible. Then I was given a quick tour of the changing facilities, where I left my bag and quickly changed out of my cycling gear. I always appreciate having hairdryers and deodorant on hand for quick showers post-session. Finally, I was shown to the ‘Rebuild room’ which boasted neon lights, black walls and an impressive row of treadmills. It was in the Rebuild room where my class would take place.

The Run and Build class started at 7am sharp. The workout involved a mix of cardiovascular work with bodyweight exercises designed to improve overall body strength. The Run and Build class was a combination of ‘Rebuild’ which is a class all about building lean muscle, and the ‘HIIT & Run’ endurance and calorie-burning class.

I’m not always a fan of group workouts as I often get distracted or find that the class isn’t quite at the right level for me. But I thoroughly enjoyed the Run and Build class. I loved mixing up the treadmill runs with bodyweight exercises – all of which were in 6 minute blocks. I liked how we all set our own intensities and chose our own weights. We were given encouragement throughout by our instructor and were pushed when we looked like we needed it. As I am just coming back from injury, I held back a bit on some of the work, but I still got a great workout in and loved seeing all the others in the class having fun and working hard. I’d love to give the class another go in a few weeks when I will really be able to push myself.

At the end of the workout, we had a few minutes of cooling down and stretching, before we all rushed off to work. I loved the surprise cold towel which we were each given as a quick way to cool down. I quickly changed and headed out on my bike, narrowly avoiding a downpour. Just before I left though, I had a look at the range of juices, smoothies and shakes, in addition to teas and coffees on offer. I was told that it’s possible to place a drinks order pre-workout so that they are ready and waiting after you’ve finished your session – which I thought sounded fab. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stick around to try out one of their drinks, but I will be sure to pop in another time and order a refreshing shake as they seemed delicious.

I’d certainly recommend North Studio to others wanting to get fit and have fun. The studio offers a range of membership options and their classes are on at several times each day – so that hopefully there are sessions to suit everyone. I’m keen to head back to North Studio to try out a couple of other sessions, and will be sure to tell others about it, too!

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